Summer Social Tennis

If you want to hit the ball, improve your technique, or meet new people with a similar interest (tennis of course), then summer social tennis is for you!

Starting in May and ending in September (weather permitting), you need to register each week for one of the spots available, at a cost of $11. Stay tuned to your email to register. 


After the pairings are set for each court at the specified start time, everyone plays a half hour match. The winning pair moves up a court and splits up. The losing pair goes down a court and splits up. You play with a different partner each half hour session. For the end courts, if you are on court 1 and win, you stay where you are. If you are on court 8 (or the lowest court) and lose, you stay where you are.

If time is called and the score is tied, play one more point to determine who moves up and down.

You switch partners every half hour session. If you are preparing for a tournament, we can give you the first session with your partner. Then that's it. It's social tennis. If you need more tournament practice, you can organize your own matches outside of social.

For example:
At 7:30 pm on Court 2 are Sunil and Nancy vs. Perry and Russ.
If Sunil and Nancy win, then at 8pm, they go up to Court 1 and play with different partners. Perry and Russ go down to court 3 and play with different partners.



Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club

7:00pm to 9:00pm


Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club

6:00pm to 8:00pm

May 24 Cameron May 25 Paolo
May 31 Gary Jun 1 Christopher
Jun 7 David Jun 8 Jerome
Jun 14 Cameron Jun 15 Paolo
Jun 21 Gary Jun 22 Christopher
Jun 28 David Jun 29 Cameron
Jul 5 Cameron Jul 6 Paolo
Jul 12 Jerome Jul 13 Christopher
Jul 19 David Jul 20 Jerome
Jul 26 Cameron Jul 27 Paolo
Aug 2 Gary Aug 3 Christopher
Aug 9 David Aug 10 Jerome
Aug 16 Cameron Aug 17 Paolo
Aug 23 Gary Aug 24 Christopher
Aug 30 David Aug 31 Jerome
Sep 6 Cameron Sep 7 Paolo
Sep 13 Gary Sep 14 Christopher
Sep 20 David Sep 21 Cameron
Sep 27 Cameron Sep 28 Paolo

Rainout Policy

  • Before play: If the session is rained out, we will email you and give you a full credit that can be used towards your next TLGTA event. We like to wait till 3-4pm to send out the email, just in case the weather clears up.
  • During play: If it rains while you are playing, you will receive a full credit if you played less than 90 minutes (3 x 30min sessions). Anything more than that, we will not be issuing a refund/credit.
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