Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any requirements to becoming a member?
You must have an email address, be at least 18 years old, have a tennis racquet/gear and know the rules of tennis. 

2. What does the membership fee go towards?
Your membership fee goes towards our website, insurance, accounting, balls, courts for Summer Social Tennis (SST), administrative and miscellaneous expenses.  Tennis can be an expensive sport.  We do our best to keep the costs down.  

3. How long is my membership for?  
Your membership will expire exactly 1 year from the date you registered.  This is a new feature from our website that started in November 2017.  In the past, we had to set one concrete date for everybody. A few weeks before your membership expires, you'll get an email reminding you to renew.   

4. I registered and paid, but I was too busy to play, do I get my membership refunded?
No, we do not give refunds, except in extreme dire situations at the discretion of the TLGTA Board of Directors.  

5. Do you have events for non-members?
We have many social events and some of them are open to non-members.  In the past we have done karaoke, bowling, indoor beach volleyball, table tennis, sushi dinners, picnics on the Toronto Island, pizza nights at a pub and watch live tennis at the Rogers Cup. The fastest and easiest way to find out about our social events is to join.

6. Do you have to be part of the LGBT community to join?
We welcome all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity. We don't discriminate.  It does help to be LGBT friendly.  

7. I am not a very good tennis player, can I still join?

We accept players of all skill levels. As long as you know the rules and can keep the ball in the court, you're more than welcome.  

8. Do you provide tennis lessons? 
No, we do not provide lessons. We did a few group lessons in the past and they weren't well attended.  The North York Winter Tennis Club has very good rates for private and group lessons from April to October.  For more information you can go to their Contacts page.     

You can also check out the Fuzzy Yellow Balls website for videos and some excellent tennis tips!  YouTube is also a great resource.  

9. I'm really, really good. Do you have events and teams for me?
We have several members who play at an advanced level, with 4.5+ rankings. Many of our tournaments have A, B & C draws.  The Canadian Gay Open (CGO) has an Open Draw.  We love it when the "big kids" come out to play!

10. What happens when I join?
Once your account is setup, you'll instantly have access to our website. From there you can register for events. You'll start getting emails about upcoming events right away.  

11. How do I change my email address or phone number?

You can do it all online. Just log in and go to your profile settings.  You an also do it on our app.  

12. You have an App???
Yes, we fancy.  Our app is called Wild Apricot for Members.  You can find it on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.    



After you download the app, enter your TLGTA email address and password.  Your account must be active in order to use it.  

You can register for events, see your past events and edit your profile.  If you like to register for TLGTA events on an Android or iOS device, this app is for you.  It's much faster than using a browser, about 3 taps and you're good to go.  

13. How do I pay for events?  
For some events we accept payment by cash, cheque, e transfer or credit cards (via the square).  Each event has their own specific payment instructions.  Please read those carefully.  

14. What are the different playing levels?

There are two primary rating systems. The GLTA uses letters and the USTA uses the NTRP Number System. For more information, click

15. I'd like to volunteer. How can I do that?
Great! This whole club is run by volunteers. If everyone gives a little, we all see the results. Contact our Membership Coordinator to learn more.

16. I'd like to donate to your club, how can I do that?

We are a non-profit organization. We welcome monetary donations, as well as materials such as player giveaways, raffle items, and equipment. We also welcome sponsorships. Please contact our President

17. How do I know if I've registered properly for an event?
E-mail Confirmation
If you registered for an event successfully, you will get an e-mail confirmation right away. Sometimes the server can be slow and the e-mail may take a bit longer.  

Reminder E-mail
On the day before an event, we set up the the website to send reminder e-mails to those who registered.  

Log Into Website
A sure fire way to check if your registration was successful is by logging into the TLGTA website and seeing the balance owing in red.  If you don’t have anything there, that means your registration did not go through.  

Check the App
Open the app and look under Events and see if the ticket icon is beside the event or look under Tickets.   

If none of these steps happened, that means you made a mistake.

18. How do I cancel my registration for an event? 
Members must e-mail the coordinator of the event to cancel their registration.  Members will not be able to do it themselves on the website. 

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