Indoor Social Tennis

If you are looking to hit the ball, improve your technique, or meet new people with a similar interest (tennis of course), then Indoor Social Tennis is for you!

From October to May, we move our recreational tennis event indoors. A weekly e-mail will be sent with a registration link. The court fee is for 2 hours. The format is doubles and you switch partners every 30 minutes. The advantage of our indoor socials is that you do not need to belong to a private club and pay their membership dues or pay guest fees.


After the pairings are set for each court at the specified start time, everyone plays a half hour match. The winning pair moves up a court and splits up. The losing pair goes down a court and splits up. You play with a different partner each half hour session. For the end courts, if you are on court 1 and win, you stay where you are. If you are on court 8 (or the lowest court) and lose, you stay where you are.

If time is called and the score is tied, play one more point to determine who moves up and down.

You switch partners every half hour session. If you are preparing for a tournament, we can give you the first session with your partner. Then that's it. It's social tennis. If you need more tournament practice, you can organize your own matches outside of social.

For example:
At 7:30 pm on Court 2 are Sunil and Nancy vs. Perry and Russ.
If Sunil and Nancy win, then at 8pm, they go up to Court 1 and play with different partners. Perry and Russ go down to court 3 and play with different partners.



8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Mayfair West: Courts 5 to 12


5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Mayfair East: Courts 7 to 10


8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Mayfair Lakeshore: Courts TBD

Oct 13 Cameron Oct 14 no social     
Oct 20 Chris Oct 21 no social    
Oct 27 Paolo Oct 28 David    
Nov 3 Cameron Nov 4 Bobby    
Nov 10 Chris Nov 11 Gary    
Nov 17 Paolo Nov 18 Bobby    
Nov 24 Cameron Nov 25 Bobby    
Dec 1 Chris Dec 2 Bobby    
Dec 8 Paolo Dec 9 Bobby    
Dec 15 Cameron Dec 16 Bobby    
Dec 22 Chris Dec 23 Gary    
Dec 29 Paolo Dec 30 David    
Jan 5 Cameron Jan 6 Bobby    
Jan 12 Chris Jan 13 Bobby    
Jan 19 Paolo Jan 20 Bobby    
Jan 26 Cameron Jan 27 Bobby    
Feb 2 Jerome Feb 3 Bobby    
Feb 9 Jerome Feb 10 Bobby    
Feb 16 Cameron Feb 17 David    
Feb 23 Jerome Feb 24 Bobby    
Mar 1 Paolo Mar 2 Bobby    
Mar 8 Cameron Mar 9 Bobby    
Mar 15 Jerome Mar 16 Bobby    
Mar 22 Paolo Mar 23 Bobby    
Mar 29 no social (Good Friday) Mar 30 Bobby Mar 31 Bobby
Apr 5 Cameron Apr 6 David    
Apr 12 Chris Apr 13 Gary    
Apr 19 Paolo Apr 20 David    
Apr 26 Cameron Apr 27 Jerome Apr 28 Cameron
May 3 Chris May 4 Gary May 5 Gary
May 10 Cameron May 11 David May 12 Jerome
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