2013 Ladder - The Challenger Series

  • 01 Jun 2013
  • 12:00 AM
  • 06 Oct 2013
  • 11:30 PM
  • http://www.globaltennisnetwork.com/network/register/504-tlgta

*** This is a FREE event for Members Only. ***
Hello Members!

The TLGTA Ladder willing be running from June to September. 

The ladder process is managed at the Global Tennis Network (GTN). If you would like to join, please click the link below. You will need to create a profile on GTN, then navigate to the Ladder Menu to Join the 2013 Ladder.

Click here to join: TLGTA 2013 Tennis Ladder 

Note that if you were on the ladder in 2012, you do not need to register again as you have been automatically added to the 2013 Ladder.

-- A few Ladder Rules --
Match Locations: Matches can be played anywhere you and your opponent choose.

Who can join: Anyone who wants to play 1 match per month is welcome to join. All of our ladder players are current members of the TLGTA. All skill levels are welcome. 

Match Format: 1 Pro-Set to 8.
--> 8 Game Pro-Set: An 8 game pro set is first to 8 games by a margin of two games. A 12-point tie-break is usually played when the score is 8-8.

Example scores: 8-6 or 9-7 or 9-8 (with tiebreak)

Titles: TLGTA 2013 Ladder Champion - and all the bragging rights that go along with it.... Vamos!

Starting Position: Players who were active on the 2012 ladder will start this ladder at the position they held at the end of the 2012 ladder. All other players will be added as they join.

Frequency of Play: Players are asked to play a minimum of 1 match per month. The points system will ensure that more active members will climb naturally.

Match Scheduling: Players set up their own matches at their own convenience by challenging others or accepting challenges online. Challenges must be accepted or declined within 5 days, and matches must be played within 10 days of accepting a challenge.

Reporting Scores: The winner is responsible for submitting the scores online.

Opponent Rules: Players may only challenge an opponent within 5 ranks above them, but they are able to play players at any level below them.

Rank and Points System used is called Leap Frog Plus: This system is the based on the classic Leap Frog system, but awards points to both the winner and loser. This encourages players to play more matches to maintain their ladder ranking.

... A full listing of the Ladder Rules can be found on the FAQ page of the Ladder System.
If you need assistance getting signed up with the ladder, please contact me at webmaster@tlgta.ca.

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Secretary & Webmaster
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