TLGTA 2019 Ladder

  • 02 May 2019
  • 02 Oct 2019
  • Any Tennis Court

The TLGTA ladder is back! 

The winner of the ladder will receive a trophy at our AGM/Banquet and a free entry to a 2020 TLGTA Singles Tournament.   

Free for current TLGTA Members 

Number of Spots
50 Maximum

May 2 to October 2, 2019 

Anywhere you and your opponent agree to play.  

The ladder will be run using the Elo Rating system.  

Each player will start with 1500 points, which will increase with each win and decrease with each loss. The amount of points gained or lost from a match is dependent on the points of the opponent played. For example, if a 2000 point player beats a 1000 point player, very little change will occur to either one's rating. However, if a 2000 point player loses to a 1000 point player, both players' ratings will change drastically. A player's points will also change drastically during the first few matches recorded. 

Once you are on the ladder, you can challenge only players ranked 15 spots above or below your ranking.  You have 7 days to accept a challenge.  After 7 days, the challenge is automatically declined.  For each challenge you decline, you lose 50 points.  

Everyone on the ladder must play at least once every 30 days or you will lose 50 points.  

After a challenge has been accepted, you have 21 days to play the match.  

Forfeited matches will count as a loss and effect your points as well.  

You can play the same opponent no more than twice in the season.

The winner must submit the score.    

Double Dipping is allowed.  Meaning if you are playing someone on the ladder in another forum (TLGTA club tournament, GLTA tournament, OTA, Intercounty, etc.) and before playing, you both agree to count it for the TLGTA ladder, you may do so.  It must be a singles match.  

Approved Match Formats

  • Regular best 2 out of 3 sets
  • Regular match format for first 2 sets, 3rd set played as a tiebreaker
  • 8-Game Pro Set

How To Join

Our ladder will be managed on the Global Tennis Network website (GTN).  

1.  Log in or create an account with the Global Tennis Network.  It's free.  

2.  Request to join the TLGTA Network.  Everyone who was on the network last year was removed, so you will have to rejoin.  

3.  Once you are on the TLGTA Network, we will manually add you to the 2019 Ladder.  

Places to Play

Public Courts

Birchmount Park

Cedarvale Park

High Park

Jimmie Simpson Park

Johnathan Ashbridge Park

L'Amoreaux Tennis Centre

Moss Park 

Ramsden Park  

Riverdale Park East

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Withrow Park

Club Courts (Public Hours)

Dentonia Park Tennis Club
- Sun 4:30pm-10:30pm & Stat Holiday: 8:30pm-10:30pm 

East York Tennis Club - Sat & Sun 1pm-4pm 

Howard Park Tennis Club - Sat, Sun & Holidays 8am-11am 

Kew Gardens Tennis Club - Sun 5pm-9pm (Hard courts only)

Moore Park Tennis Club - Sat. 7pm-11pm & Sun 9pm-11pm 

Rosedale Tennis Club - Sun 4pm-Dusk

Scarborough Bluffs Tennis Club - Sat & Sun 4-6pm 

Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club
 - Sun & Holidays 5pm-11pm (Monday Holidays 9pm-11pm)

Wychwood Tennis Club - Sat 7pm-11pm & Sun 6pm-11pm 

*If any of these times have changed, please let us know. 

City Run Courts (Summer Only & Court Fees)

Eglinton Flats Winter Tennis Club

North York Tennis Association Winter Tennis Club (3 Locales):




If you need assistance getting signed up with the ladder, please contact Paolo Ferrari at  

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